Ladies, this is how you are scaring off men unknowingly

Be careful

How women scare off men(bet)

You have met several guys but you never have a solid relationship because he seems disinterested shortly after meeting you. The problem could be how you handle the men who approach you.

Relationship expert Mat Boggs has a released a new video on the things that scare off men. It’s for you now to take notes, read them and learn. You never know, this is what may help you get your prince.

Check out the behaviors that push men away:

1. Playing games

According to Mat, it is possible to tell when someone is not being themselves. So, when you are playing games and trying to be someone you are not, the man will know and will definitely not like it.

2. Not showing interest in the man

Gone are the days when playing hard to get was the thing. Men are pushed away by women who pretend not to be interested when it’s clear that they are attracted to a man. If you show a man that you have no interest, then he will have no reason to continue pursuing you.

3. Treating him as if he is perfect

When you perceive a man as perfect, he feels scared because he knows that the bar has been set high. This makes the man afraid that the moment you realize he has flaws, you are not going to like him.

4. Feeling entitled

Nobody likes people who feel entitled. You don’t like people who feel entitled and men don’t like people who feel entitled.” Notes Boggs.

Your man knows he should take care of you and he should give you nice things. But you are not supposed to act like you are entitled to get gifts and vacations. Instead, be grateful to your man whenever he goes out of his way to make you happy.

5. Emasculating behavior

“This is when you demonstrate that you don’t believe your man has what it takes to accomplish the job,” Boggs says.

Mat advises that you should just let the guy do his job instead of showing disbelief in his abilities. And if you must offer a suggestion, ask him first if it’s okay for you to make a suggestion or offer help.

6. Trying to make the guy like you instantly

Don’t try this ladies. No matter how desperate you are to be in a relationship, don’t let it seem like you are forcing things to happen too fast. It pushes men away. When a man feels your rush of getting into a commitment, it kills the connection that could have otherwise led into a beautiful relationship. Seek to build a profound connection first before you show your commitment to the man.


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