These things will make your man addicted to you

Hey girls

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Wouldn’t you love to see your man crave for you every time? Not in a clingy way though. We are talking about when your man can’t seem to have enough of you. He wants to spend more time with you, go for more dates with you and do fun things with you.

Now, girls, this might seem like a hard nut to crack but according to relationship expert Mathew Boggs, you only need to do a few things and your man will be addicted to you. Maybe you could also try these tips shared by Boggs in one of his recent videos:

1. Continue living your great life

Some people make the mistake of neglecting their personal lives to accommodate this guy that they just met. According to Boggs, that’s why you might never see your friend anymore once she gets a boyfriend. If you want a guy to be addicted to you, you must go on living your great life so they do not have all the time in the world to spend with you. Continue hanging out with friends, attending social functions such that you have to squeeze in some time for this guy when he wants to spend time with you.

2. Respect your boundaries

Men love women with standards. So, whatever standards you have, whether it’s the right time to have the first kiss or get intimate, respect them and he will respect them too. He will want to chase you more if you don’t just surrender all the ‘boyfriend privileges’ to him whenever he asks for them.

3. Ask for what you want

It doesn’t have to be something huge. It could be something as simple as asking your man to give you a massage when you are tired. According to Boggs, a man will love to see the satisfaction in your face once he accomplishes what you asked for. It’s somehow sexy when you ask for that favour and men love it.

“There’s nothing more desirable for a man than the look of satisfied woman’s face,” says Boggs.

4. Let him know you are interested in him

To stroke a man’s desire for you, you also need to show him that you desire him. So do not be afraid of showing your interest and letting him know that you are equally attracted to him just as he is to you.

5. Be confident

Confidence is sexy and every man loves a confident woman. Don’t be the kind of girl who keeps on doubting your abilities, your beauty and all that.


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