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4 reasons why women get stuck in situationships

Here they are.

You like someone and the person likes you back so you do all things that regular couples do like going on dates, Netflix and possibly some chilling often, hang around mutual friends being all lovey dovey with each other but have not yet defined your relationship.

This is a common scenario that a lot of women find themselves in. As much as they know that the relationship needs to be defined they still hang on to it and here are some reasons why women tend to get stuck in these situationships.

1.Don’t know their worth


Some women stick in situationships because they may feel like that’s the only or best option that they may have.

They know that the relationship is going nowhere but still stick with that person.

2.Lies men have told to keep them around

Men, not all, will do anything to make sure they get what they want. If it’s just sex they want or just to have the woman hanging around; it is very easy to dupe a woman into staying with a man for all the wrong reasons.

3.Scared of being alone


The fear of being alone is real and a woman may choose to stay in a situationship for that reason. They can’t seem to make him settle down so they settle for what he is offering.

4.You’re okay being in a situationship

Some women stick with situationships simply because they are okay being in situationships. They are having fun and don’t feel like complicating things by defining the relationship.


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