4 things women need to stop doing for their boyfriends

To each their own but boundaries should still apply in certain situations.

It is necessary to set a boundary of the nice things that you do before it turns into you being used, manipulated or encouraging a bad behavior.

Here are 4 things women need to stop doing for their boyfriends, taking into consideration that every woman is different and they choose what they will and will not do for their men.

1.Babying him

Your man has big dreams and instead of encouraging him to go out there and work hard for it, you baby him by, for example, letting him wallow in sadness because he failed at keeping his business afloat.

Worse yet, you may take him on vacation to get things off his chest. A push may be more necessary than lounging by the beach in this case.

2.Change the way they are for their man

A man influencing his woman to be more positive in every aspect of their life is better than a man who wants their woman to change the way their skin looks by bleaching for example.

He should accept you for who you are and not what you look like.

3.Halting your dreams for him

No woman should stop chasing their dreams because their man promised to take care of them or because he wants a house wife.

4.Taking up unnecessary house chores

Washing his underwear shouldn’t be part of your laundry routine. Unless he’s putting a ring on it, I think the laundry duties can be held off a little bit longer.


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