5 reasons why you should never snoop through your partner’s phone

Not the smartest idea.

Not the smartest way to go about things but it happens any way.

Here are five reasons why going through their phone isn’t the best idea.

1.It shows you don’t trust them

Your partner will feel violated and this may alter their trust in you. If you don’t trust them enough to take their word for it when they try and dispel any doubts you may have then maybe that’s not the relationship for you.

2.You would never let them go through your phone

You would hate it if they went through your phone so why do it to them?

3.You might get what you are looking for

If you go looking for something, you might end up finding it and you might not like it. Are you prepared to handle what you might find in your partner’s phone?

4.It will bring on problems that you don’t need in your relationship

Let’s say you found something in their phone that you didn’t like. You end up confronting them about it and discover that it was far from what you were suspecting. So now you’re stuck looking insecure.

5.You’ll end up feeling guilty

There’s no way to feel better after snooping through your partner’s phone; you are going to feel guilty. Especially if you don’t find anything incriminating on their phone.


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