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6 things guys do that piss their girlfriends off

As much love as you got for them, men can sometimes really piss off their girlfriends.

No one’s perfect and women do their fair share of things that set men off the edge as well.

Here are 6 things guys do that piss their girlfriends off.

1.Not pay attention to them


Spending time together means you give one another undivided attention but sometimes guys can get distracted with a football game or may even entertain their friends and ignore their girlfriends.

If the game is on or you’re spending time with the guys that day then just reschedule with your girlfriend. No guarantees that she won’t get mad though. Which leads us to our next point.

2.Cancelling plans last minute

She took the time to get ready just for you – even wore lace underwear that day – and then you call last minute and cancel.

3.Play fighting becomes too rough


Play fighting is great and all until it is not. Maybe it was a harmless pillow fight and then suddenly the girl is lying on the floor mad because you hit her too hard in the head.

4.Saying “It’s that time of the month right?”

Guys, you may think that you’re trying to understand your woman when you acknowledge the fact that they are on their period but you’re actually offending them more.

Yes she might be on her period but she doesn’t want to be reminded of it – her cramps are enough to send a clear message. Maybe she’s not even on her period and was actually making a valid point until you screwed it up.

5.Lying or making excuses


Honesty is the best policy could not be stressed enough when it comes to telling your woman the truth. It’s better for her to get mad at you for the truth other than her finding out that you were lying.

6.Telling them to relax in the middle of an argument

If you want that argument to last an extra 2 hours then tell your woman to relax during an argument. Saying this can also come off as if you’re discrediting her feelings on the matter.


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