6 things you should never sacrifice for a relationship

Compromise is definitely allowed but are you giving up too much for your relationship?

In order for them to be successful, there has to be some sort of compromise from both parties. From having to be accountable to one another to sometimes giving up a road trip with your friends because you want to spend some time with them – it’s very normal.

One big mistake that a lot of people make however is giving up way too much and all for the sake of someone that may not even appreciate what you are sacrificing for them.

Here are 6 things you should never sacrifice for a relationship.

1.Your beliefs

Your beliefs have kept you going this far so why change them now that you are with someone else – this is of course for people that are not comfortable switching up, for instance, their religion for someone else’s.

2.Family and friends

Everyone is guilty of ditching their friends and family when they get into a new relationship – which is fine for a while.

Just don’t forget that those relationships still existed when that person was not in the picture so no need to throw them away for someone that might be there.

3.Your independence

A lot of women are especially guilty of doing this. You get comfortable being taken care of that you end up losing your independence.

You want to go to the salon, you have to get money from your man; you want to go for a holiday, your man has to be the key provider of that trip. It’s not bad to be pampered but there’s also no harm in switching it up a bit and paying for your own salon appointments.

4.Your identity

You stay with this person so much that you automatically start thinking the way they do and slowly transform into someone different.

5.Your dreams

Whether it takes you 2 years to achieve your dreams or ten years to do it, never give up on your dreams – more so because of a relationship.

6.Your happiness

You got into that relationship because that person makes you happy so don’t allow that happiness to be taken away – even by your significant other.

If you don’t like something then say it; if you’re not happy then admit it to yourself and then admit it to your partner.


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