How to tell that you are more into someone than they are into you

Open your eyes to what's right in front of you.

The two of you have a great connection – at least according to you – and everything seems aligned for the two of you but yet there’s zero progress in moving your relationship forward.

News flash. You may be more into that person that they are into you and here are a few signs to make that fact a little bit clearer for you.

1.They are never enthusiastic when speaking to you

Whenever you call them they always seem disinterested in your conversations and are usually quick to cut it off.

2.They are cold towards you when the two of you are out in public

It’s like you don’t exist to them whenever you are at public outings. People wouldn’t even know that the two of you are together.

3.They aren’t receptive to even the slightest bit of PDA

Maybe they aren’t so much into PDA which is fine but they are never too thrilled when they have to hold your hand for example. They’ll hold it for a bit but when they see some of their friends coming towards the two of you, they immediately let go.

4.You are always open to them meeting your close friends and family but they aren’t open to you meeting theirs

They’ve probably met all your sisters and brothers but when the tables are turned and you ask them if you can meet their close family and friends they aren’t very open to the idea. Yikes.

5.Your gut tells you they are not into you

You know full well that they aren’t really into you but you can’t seem to detach yourself from them. Maybe you are scared of leaving them or you can change their minds. Maybe it’s time to start fishing elsewhere.


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