Main reasons why women settle in relationships

Reasons why some women get comfortable enough to settle in relationships.

Despite being aware of this however, there are still instances when people will settle into their relationships.

Here are reasons why women settle in relationships.


The pressure may pile up and they end up settling into a relationship out of desperation for beating their biological clock.

2.Fear of being alone

Some women settle into relationships based off of fear of being alone. Maybe their friends are all coupled up and they’re the only ones without someone so the next person that pays them attention they settle for; even if they know deep in their gut that that person is not the one for them.

3.The man may be providing for them

They have no other option but to stick around due to their dependency on the man.

4.She got pregnant

Pregnancy may not keep a man but that won’t stop some women from trying to save their romantic relationship with them. They might play house and perform all wifely duties for the man using the excuse that she’s doing it for her family.

5.You know he's not Mr. Right but point out some of his tolerable characteristics

Some women are aware that they are settling but try suppress those feelings of ‘doubt’ by trying to acknowledge the man’s tolerable characteristics.

For instance they’ll say how he will never cheat on her or he will always treat her right.

6.You’ve gone through the processes of getting married so there’s no turning back

A woman may settle into a relationship because it may be too much work to call off an engagement. They’ve already met each other’s families and preparations are underway so there’s no backing out now

7.You’re okay waiting for him to take the relationship to the next level

A common mistake women make is waiting for the man to dictate the direction their relationship is going to take. Five years down the line and the guy dumps the woman, moves on to another one and gets married to her.


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