Mistakes you should avoid making when texting your crush

Women, stop appearing desperate

Woman texting on the phone (Courtesy)

Texting, we do it nearly every single day, especially when we are in the early stages of getting to know a special someone.

But, are you texting the right things or you're just wasting your data, time and energy and chasing the potential bae away while at it? Let's find out:

1. Your messaging is less emotional and more factual.

What I mean by this is that you're trying to get to know the guy but you make it sound like it's a job interview over text. For instance, there's a difference between asking a guy "What do you do?" and "What's the most fun part about your job?" the former is plain and boring while the second allows him to open up about something he actually loves and people love to talk about their achievements or things they're passionate about.

2. You're boring and cliche when you message!

"Hi" "What are you up to?" erm...chances are, you will not get a genius response like "I'm in the middle of discovering why the dick gets a boner on its own sometimes" no. So, get great conversation topics. You could talk about things the guy likes to do or topics on restaurants, activities to do, as you anticipate on your next date and what you can actually get up to the next time you link up.

3. Speaking of which, when you text, pose a question back or make it a question.

This allows him to reply and keep the conversation going. For instance, if he has texted you asking "What are your plans this weekend?" You could reply "I don't have so much planned except a salon appointment. How about you?" If you end the text at 'salon appointment', the guy may not know what exactly he's supposed to reply for instance. But now that you have thrown a question back at him, he will in turn keep the conversation going.

4. Being impatient.

If you have messaged him, he has certainly seen your message! Will he forget to respond? Sure. There are plethora of reasons why he may not respond immediately but double texting will only make you look desperate. Give him some time to respond before double texting and even calling. You need to show him that you have your own life and things going on for yourself.

5. Make him miss you, don’t respond to a message immediately, always.

That makes you look like you were by the phone waiting for his response.

6. Bad grammar.

Some people are really ticked off by the use of bad grammar. As petty as it may sound, there are men who will cut all communication because you butchered the Queen's language. I don't understand the essence of writing 'hae' for instance, when you can just type hi...

7. Sharing way too much info.

"What are you up to this weekend beautiful?" And your response is a whole encyclopedia on how you will meet with a friend of yours called Alice for lunch, do ABC head over to bla bla bla, yada yada and all that shebang. That's TMI that absolutely no one gives a rat's ass about. Moreover, it's really boring to read super long messages.

8. Negativity.

"How's your day unfolding at work on this beautiful Tuesday morning?" And you reply "I really hate my job. I feel so lifeless." That will in no way help the situation. No one wants to be with someone who spreads negative vibes.

9. Not differentiating yourself from the rest.

So, let's assume you met this guy on an online dating app. Chances are, he's chatting up several other women. How will you set yourself apart from the rest? Your texts needs to make him smile, make his day or make him think 'wow she's really interesting' you need to make him long to see you soon and you will not do that with cliché texts. There's nothing as soul sucking as boring text conversations.


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