Worst mistakes to avoid when trying to get your ex back

Would you get back with your ex?

Sad man(shutterstock)

So you broke up with your ex but now feel that it’s time you got back together. You are ready to forgive them or apologize and change so that you can have them back. Good move. But you gotta tread carefully.

You don’t want to make things worse or more awkward than they already are. That said, be careful not to make these common mistakes that most people make:

1. Crying and pleading for another chance

First of all, if you are a man, this should not be your strategy to get back a woman. It will turn them off as it makes you seem like you’ve lost your manliness. But even women should not cry and beg to for another chance. It’s okay to say sorry and show your willingness to start afresh. But crying? Never stoop that low.

2. You text them all the time

Don’t be that person who sends five messages without getting a response. It only makes you seem needy and desperate. Your ex won’t come back to you if they feel you are too desperate. Instead of sending a thousand messages, maybe try and call her to see if you can meet and have a one on one conversation.

3. Trying to make your ex jealous

You think telling your ex that you are seeing someone will get them running back to you? It won’t. In fact, if they feel that you are only lying to make them jealous, they will lose respect for you.

4. Threats

Ever had an ex who threatened to commit suicide if you didn’t get back to them? That’s a person who is emotionally abusive. If you use that trick on your ex, they won’t even think twice about giving you another chance.


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