11 annoying things people post on Instagram stories

We are tired!

Couple taking a selfie (Courtesy)

I’m going to be brutally honest, so if you get mad easily, buckle up darling, might be a rough ride.

In my opinion, I think Snapchat was meant for us to keep up with the lives of celebrities. You know? Get to see them outside of their ‘Celeb’ element. And since Snapchat kinda died a natural death, it was replaced by Insta stories. Damn you Mark Zuckerberg, always trying to steal the shine from your competitors aren't you? But we gotta appreciate the fact that the Snapchat camera and filters are still da bomb! Anyway, going back to the whole point of this article, what I was saying was, I think Insta stories are meant to be interesting content or for us to see celebrities and people we look up to, not a random Waitherero going to get spinach from a mama mboga. God, I get so freaking bored when I check some Insta stories. I seriously can’t help but roll my eyes as I quickly click the hell out of that story to check another one. Look, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. If you have nothing interesting to post, watch other people's stories. You will not die from not posting at least one day. Or, if you have to, at least post memes, instead of your downright boring life because sincerely darling, no one cares. That being said, here are annoying Insta stories habits that should die.

1. Too many stories.

If I click on a story and see a million dots, bitch I’m out! A lot of times, most of those stories are not even interesting. There’s something called editing or selecting. If you’re at an event, enjoy the moment. Post only the parts you feel are the best. Surely, from the 100 photos you took, you can post 6 of the best and at least 3 videos. We will still know you were at that event. Are we together?

2. What’s with the 10 traffic stories?

One ‘damn this traffic!' story, I get it! But then you click on the next 5 stories and they’re all the same, of you, stuck in traffic, singing your favorite artiste’s song and casually showing us the make of the car. I always wonder, imagine if you got into an accident simply because you were recording yourself while on the road…if you died, to be quite honest, that would be natural selection at its best.

3. While still on the zero content stories, I’m I the only one who wonders why people record themselves singing or rapping?

Lol again, one story of you jamming to Chris Brown, I really do get it. 10 stories however? Of you singing, rapping and what not, what makes you think anyone cares? Next!

4. Cooking process.

Unless you’re a chef, or people have requested for that particular video, then I don’t see why you should bother people with your cooking nonsense. Hehe. If you must, at least shoot one video then edit it and post.

5. People who go live for no reason.

Unless you have great content you want to share with us, or you’re at an event and want to show us how the event is, say a fashion event or concert, then please do something more constructive with your life instead.

6. ‘New post up’ battalion.

Urgh just don’t. Please!

7. Same goes to “Swipe up for link”.

Does anyone actually swipe up for that link? I wonder…maybe people with loads of time on their side.

8. Concerts.

It’s easy to get super excited. But a million stories from the concert? Damn, worse still if they have some whack phone and the sound is horrible…Look, even five posts are enough, we don’t need to see all artistes that were there and all that shebang. Enjoy the concert. Be present. Live in the moment. Keep your phone down and just enjoy. This also applies for people watching live games.

9. Movies and TV program stories.

No one cares. Watch your series in peace. I have never understood why anyone feels the need the post an entire 20 stories of them watching 'Black Mirror' or something. At least, if it’s a stand up comedian and you’re sharing the laughter with us, we get it! TV show? Come on!

10. Silly polls.

“Between this selfie and this selfie, which one should I post?”.

11. A million questions.

You do realize that you can answer some questions directly to the person right? If they don’t help anyone else on the time line or they’re boring or they don’t really bring out a side of you that your followers would want to know, then why not answer them privately instead of a million “Ask me a question” replies?

Or you know? Maybe I’m just too old for Instagram…or boring or…I’m not the target market.


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