Most common baby names in 2018

Cute and unique


Well, 2018 has been no different. There was a set of names that were thought to be unique and as a result ended up being very common.

While most of the names were sweet, we would wish to see new names come next year rather than a repetition of the same names that were overused in 2018.

These were some of the most common baby names in 2018:

1. Jayden

2. Liam

3. Tamara

4. Aiden

5. Ethan

6. Jason

7. Kaylie

8. Nadia

9. Brianna

10. Natalie

11. Oliver

12. Clive

13. Mia

14. Asher

15. Jensen

16. Dylan

Jayden and Liam were some of the most common names in Kenya and bet you must know two or more kids bearing some of the above names.

It’s a good thing that people are saying goodbye to those old names that have lost uniqueness. Some baby names such as Prince, Precious and Vivian that were pretty common few years ago are losing place-which is a good thing. No one wants their baby to share a name with like five kids in the neighbourhood.

Before you pick a name for your baby, consider how unique the name is as well as the meaning of the name. You will want a name that has a positive meaning but not one that will see your kid being made fun of by other kids.

African names such as Mia, Huru, Taji, and Taraji are also gaining prominence which is proof that Kenyans are going back to their roots.

We can’t wait to see the baby names that will be topping the list come 2019.


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