Timothy Njuguna, popularly known as Njugush, is arguably one of the most fast rising comedians in the Kenyan entertainment industry. He can also be seen as one of the most romantic husbands ever.

His wife, Celestine Ndinda Kimani, was celebrating her birthday and Njugush decided to treat her to a romantic weekend get away.

While he didn’t specify exactly where they were, Njugush took to the gram’ to share a heartwarming picture of him and his beloved basking in the sun in an unknown hotel.

It said, “It’s this shy Gem’s birthday today. Happy birthday @ Celestinendinda”

The lovebirds exchanged vows last December at the Evergreen Church in Runda with media personality Abel Mutua as the best man.

One thing is for sure, Njugush adores his woman.  Check out this picture of them after a serious make out session. Looks like big man forgot to check the mirror.