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13 reasons why every lady needs a boyfriend like Otile Brown

Otile is bae!

If I ever met Otile, I'd ask him how he managed to bag a woman way out of his league, maybe I could use the same tips to bag myself David Beckham, or Channing Tatum hey or even Diamond Platnumz if I can handle those big ass lips. Anyway, Otile and Vera are now an item and she seems really happy, they both do, I'm happy for them. In fact, as I write this, the two are currently enjoying a baecation in Mauritius and yes dammit I'm jealous. These are the times you wish you had a boyfriend. And speaking of boyfriends, I think we all need a boyfriend like Otile. This jamaa has proved himself man. think dating a high maintenance lady like Vera is a joke? He must have the juice or maybe his d*ck game is just too good. Who knows?

Regardless, me I like this man Otile and think every woman needs a boyfriend like him and here's why:

1. A man with ambition is sexy.


Y'all know that Otile was once a hawker right? And, look at him now, topping chart lists, mingling with the creme of the crop of showbiz and all that jazz...

2. And still on ambition, the pint sized-ish super star actually went after a high class woman like Vera and managed.

That's the kind of confidence I want in a man.

3. Otile is a major snack attack. Even without a beard. I mean, look at him...


4. He works out...even though he seems like he skips leg day...

5. He dresses really well and looks like he grooms well too. This is definitely a man who cleans his nether regions well.

You can tell a man who doesn't look like he smells ovyo ovyo...

6. Otile shows off his woman like a trophy for the whole world to see and perfectly complements her. I bet he even ignores all the thirsty ladies in his DMs.

7. We want a man that will fight for us and put people in their places when they disrespect us.


Have you seen how Otile has time to fight off commenters who have nothing good to say on IG? A man that will give assholes an uppercut when needed is definitely bae material.

8. He's a man that supports his woman through the good and the bad.

I just like how he seemed genuinely happy for Vera when she launched her beauty parlor. We all want a man that wants to share success with us not compete. Someone who will be there for you every step of the way.

9. Otile looks like a hopeless romantic.

The way he dances for Vera, feeds her fruits in the morning eish. I want to be fed too...


10. He seems like a lovey dovey guy who enjoys some cuddles.

We ladies love a man who will drop everything to cuddle with us all Sunday afternoon. Order some take out and have a lazy afternoon doing you know what.

11. He comes off as a man who, he may have less than the Bosset, but he will do anything in his power to make her happy and that's something that every lady appreciates.

It's the effort and the little things that counts.

12. He can handle dat ass!


And someone like Vera appears to be very experienced in bedroom matters so she wouldn't settle for a mjulubeng that's not a straight ten outta ten.

13. You'll wake up to such a face every single day. Hashtag yaaaaaaaaas....


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