11 disadvantages of dating a significantly older man

Low quality sperm

Old black man

When it comes to dating, some women are attracted to older men and I’m not talking about a man with a 2 or 3 year age difference but way older, 10, 15, 20 plus years age difference. Many people regard such relationships to be rather controversial. But who said that one should only date their agemate? In my opinion, the heart wants what the heart wants. If you come across an older man that makes your heart melt, why not? However, you should always take your brain with you. If you’re dating an older man for the money and benefits, that’s completely different from if you’re doing it for love, so you better carry your brain with you. Sure, a significantly older man will probably have his ducks in a row and will be able to provide for you financially and maybe even have less drama, but that doesn’t mean that dating older men is all easy peasy. Nope! There are many downsides to dating them, such as:

1. First of all, he may not want kids because he probably already has kids from his previous marriage(s) and doesn’t want any more.

2. If he does have kids, well, they will always come first, not you and that kinda sucks.

3. Still on kids, if he’s willing to have them, do note that the sperm quality and quantity decreases with age.

In fact, some cases of autism and such other issues have been linked to older sperm. Of course, this is not to say that all old men will sire kids with issues but, chances are higher.

4. He will not have the energy to do all the things you’re used to.

Look, a man in his 50s will not wake up one day and go back packing across Asia with you, to tick some things off the bucket list. At his age, he has more important things that he’s dealing with, his work or businesses, kids, projects etc. So no, he may not always have time for you and to do things you're used to, with you like partying and having fun.

5. Expect stares, questions, judgey comments etc.

People will question your intentions. People will call you a gold digger. People will not understand you and you will need to have thick skin to walk around with your 'grandpa' as everyone points fingers and stares at you.

6. Introducing him to you family and friends may be met with a lot of criticism.

Imagine introducing a man older than your father to your parents as ‘the one’. Yeah that will probably not go down well.

7. Expect to have very different friends.

Older people are in a different stage of their lives. No, you’re not going to sit and talk about Kim Kardashian’s dress or the latest gossip in town. Conversation is different, familiarize yourself with world news, what’s happening in the global markets, politics, sports, investment patterns and trends etc. Of course, be you, don’t try too hard to fit in but if you’re hanging with him and his friends, if you don’t want to look lost, get with the program.

8. You may have to change your dress code and some of your habits.

If you’re so much younger, you may have to start dressing in a classy and modest manner to appear slightly older looking. He doesn’t want to appear like he’s robbing the cradle, even if technically, he is; so he may require you to dress a certain way and act in a certain manner.

9. He will not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing you have ever seen.

Hairy white chest, maybe not the best-looking penis ever, he may have a tummy, saggy wrinkled skin, he may be balding and all in all may not have your desired IT look.

10. He may not be ready to settle down.

Thing is, for older men, they have probably been married before and have been through it all. The last thing he wants is for someone to start pushing him to settle down again. He will move at his own pace and if you’re in a rush, you may want to look elsewhere.

11. He may get jealous very easily.

He knows that he’s getting older and does not have the same energy he once had nor the looks of a 28-year-old man in his prime. Older men tend to get very jealous if they notice that you have your eyes elsewhere so you may have to deal with that. 


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