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7 steps to ensure you become the perfect kisser

Pucker up!

There are ways you can get your partner to initiate the kissing, but should you want to be the perfect kisser, there are a few things to consider.

Here are 7 ways to ensure you become a perfect kisser.

Keep your mouth fresh


Bad or stale breath is not hot. Invest in mints or take natural yoghurt if you have a bad breath problem.

Keep your lips lush

Avoid chapped or dry lips as they are unattractive to look at and coarse to the touch. Nobody wants to make out with steel wool. Use lip balm or Vaseline to keep your lips moist.

Do what’s necessary with your eyes

When going in for the kiss, you can maintain eye contact and when you start kissing, close your eyes. I don’t why this is a rule.


Choose your timing

Ensure the moment is right. Don’t just shove your lips at someone unreceptive.

Use your tongue only if it is wanted

French kisses (the open mouth ones) are an art form. And require a level of intimacy many may not want to participate in. Should your partner open his/her mouth and invite your tongue in, then you can do it.

Use your hands


Stroke the cheek, the hair, the back, pull your partner closer to you. Unleash your inner octopus.

Mind your neighbours

If you’re in a very public place, the general population may not be inclined to watch you and your partner make out. A chaste kiss in such places is what’s acceptable.


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