How to touch your man to drive him crazy

Ladies come and take notes

How to touch your man to drive him crazy (Ladies come and take notes)

Touch is just one of the many ways to show how you feel towards someone. Expert dating coach Mat Boggs shared how you can touch your man and drive him wild. And yes, it’s fire.

Ready for the tips? Here we go:

1. Hands and forearms

Mathew Boggs states that the Hands and the forearms are an erogenous zone that you will want to try with your man. Touch the area with the tips of your finger gently and it will create the most sexual tension within your man.

2. Stroke his back of the head with your fingernails

Mat says, “Try it when he is driving. Just reach over and put your fingernails in the back of his head. He is gonna love it.”

3. The ear and the ear lobe

“You can whisper something sexy to his ear and move down and suck his ear lobe. You can also use your teeth to give him a little bite on his ear lobe” Mat advises.

4. Back of the leg

Although women didn’t report this part to be one of their erogenous zones, men did. You can massage the area as you go upwards towards the thighs.

5. The neck

Give him those little kisses and bites on his neck and he will go wild like crazy.

6. His face and jaw

When you are kissing, stroke his face and jaw gently and lovingly. This will feel like heaven and he will love it.

7. Touch his lips

Rather than just kissing his lips, touch them gently first with your fingers.

As you are exploring him, this actually builds the tension before the kiss,” says Mat.

8. Touch the area below the belly button

Although all the above places may not be erogenous for all men, I bet no man will resist a gentle touch around the belly button. So, you will be stroking this area and the down to his genitals. Tell me if any man can ever resist this!

9. His inner thighs

So it appears that men’s inner thighs are as erogenous as women’s.

“As you are working towards the area, his penis, his genitals, you can stimulate the inner thigh and build that sexual tension throughout his entire body,” says Mat Boggs.

10. The thumb

An unexpected one I must say. But according to Mat, sucking your man’s thumb is actually an erotic experience for him. You can do it during foreplay and you could still suck it during lovemaking.


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