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11 signs that you’re the black sheep of the family

When you're the odd one out in the family

“Stay in school or you’ll end up like Nani.”

If you’re thinking that there couldn’t possibly be such a person in your family then it’s probably you.

Here are eleven signs that you’re probably the black sheep of the family.


You try to be independent

Or you really are fiercely self-sufficient. You only rely on your closest sibling or your parent for financial assistance. You have never entertained the thought of asking your aunts, uncles or grandparents for help in anything.

Your job gets a commentary

Whatever you do for a living is probably unconventional. Your family doesn’t understand it. And since by definition they never understood you, all you do to put your bread on the table will just get comments. Which somehow always get back to you.

You always find family functions awkward


If you could get away with it, you would skip all family gatherings. But since there is a required mandatory minimum attendance, you can’t miss all of them. You always find them awkward because there’s not really anyone you get along with. And the ones who you do enjoy their company are otherwise preoccupied because they’re popular with everyone else. So you stand in a corner and skulk or assist the help with chores until it’s an acceptable hour to leave.

You’re never trusted with the kids

Should anything happen, your name is never first when they need somebody to watch a brood of kids.

You’re never doing anything right


Everything you do has an issue. Your hair, your jewellery, the car you drive, the school you attended, the school your kids are attending. Nothing will ever meet the patented approval rating of your family.

You’ve never introduced your partner

Everyone in your age bracket is already married or is headed to the altar. You just can’t wait for the “Are you getting married?” questions to stop. Because of the unnecessary pressure you have avoided introducing your better half to the family.

You’re the cautionary tale

Every time after your family is reminded of your existence, you unwittingly evoke a need to warn the up and coming members of the family. They may even go as far as commenting on the kind of fabric you wear as a reason to stay in school or play a sport. The kids should heed what their parents tell them or they’ll end up like you.


You’re constantly being told what you can fix

“Why don’t you join a gym?”

“Why don’t you get a real job?”

“Why don’t you go to school?”

“Why don’t you make your hair normal?”


You listen to “odd” music

You’re likely the only member of your family who listens to punk rock. Or blues. There’s something about the rebel anthems or the spirits of crooners past that just gets you like no one else can.

You avoid guests

Whenever there’s a guest coming, you help with the chores and try to disappear as soon as you can.

You are the least active in the Family WhatsApp Group


You muted the group the moment you were added. The one time you tried leaving you were added back and got a lecture. You now only post funny pictures every other year.


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