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5 signs it's time to introduce your fiancée to parents

Is it time?

But again, it is only in order to take it slow until you both are certain that it is the best time to meet your parents.

If you are not sure whether it is time to introduce your fiancée to your parents, check out these signs. They will help you determine if it’s indeed the time to meet your respective parents.

1. You’ve dated long enough


Before you can introduce your partner to your parents, you must have dated them long enough and known them so well. You do not want to introduce your partner after three months of dating then break up two months later. Introducing each other to your parents is a serious affair and you should only introduce someone who is serious with the relationship.

2. Other family members

If your partner is yet to meet your friends and siblings, then do not introduce them to your parents. Let your fiancée meet your friends first and siblings so that they also give you an opinion of what they think about your partner. Although your friends and family should not decide who you marry, sometimes love is too blind to note some things.

3. Your gut tells you yes


Your gut never lies and you should always listen to whatever it has to say. If you feel so certain that it is time and they are the right person to introduce to your parents, go ahead and do it. If you have doubts though, do not do it even if your partner really wants it.

4. You are proud of them

If you are proud of your partner, your parents will probably like them as well and you can go ahead and introduce them. However, if the last thing you want is to be seen with your partner, it a clear indication that you should not be with them in the first place. So, drop the idea and look for a better match.

5. You are both ready

If one of you feels unprepared for it, you should probably drop the idea. Wait until when you both feel comfortable about meeting parents and let no one pressure you. The reason you may be feeling unprepared could be because one person does not seem committed.


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