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Why it's OK to have less sex as your relationship progresses

There'll be an initial desire to always engage in sexual pleasure, but eventually you'll slow down; and that's just fine. Here's why.

Because they find each other hot and completely irresistible, there will be a natural desire to indulge in the pleasures of sex and other sexual acts.

Now whether they choose to wait till they are married or not, the point remains that; at the earlier stages of sexual connection, they'll find it hard to get their hands off each other especially if their libidos are at healthy levels.

However, along the line, especially for those who marry, or remain partners for a long time, there is every tendency that sexual activity will reduce.


This is not necessarily a bad thing, and these points below prove it.

You’ll get more comfortable with each other

As you become more comfortable with each other, there will be so many other things to do aside sex. Sometimes all you’ll need is a long cuddle and in those moments, sex is just unnecessary stress, no matter how bomb.

You won’t always be able to do it


Unlike at the beginning of the relationship when it was just you both, there is a chance that one or two babies will come from all that previous sex you’ve had.

You will need to take care of them, and the stress of that is enough to push the thought of sex far down the list of your priorities.

Also, you might have more responsibilities at the place you work, which requires more effort and time. The time for sex is therefore not so available, too.

Sexual activities becomes more interesting

If you no longer do it frequently as the time you used to do it almost everyday, [in the kitchen, toilet, staircase, car and other interesting places], then there’s every chance that the times you decide to, it becomes more enjoyable, more satisfying.


You take more time at it

Of course, you’ll naturally take your time to savor every moment, every touch, because you’ve stayed away from the pleasure for a while.

You play out every little part, and it’ll be just awesome. Believe it.

Less risk of Urinary Tract Infection

That’s just a fact. For women, the more sex you have, the higher your risk of catching a Urinary Tract Infection. So, the less sex, the less the risk.


Sex will eventually end

At some point you will be too old to engage in sexual activity.

The less sex you are having as time progresses is a good way to ease gently into that period.


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