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No idea what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding? Here are some pretty cool ideas

Preserving your dress is not the only option you have when it comes to what you want to do with your dress after the big day.

Here are some creative things you can do with your wedding dress instead of just letting it collect dust within your closet.

1.Re-tailor your wedding dress

If the design of your wedding dress is able to be altered then why not turn it into a nice outfit that you can wear every day.


You can turn it into a sexy body hugging dress that you can wear on date night with your husband.

2.Use it as a christening gown for your child in the future

If you are a Christian, you can turn it into a Christening gown for your future child, niece or nephew.

3.You can also preserve it for a relative

For sentimental purposes, you can preserve your wedding dress for a close relative. Be it your daughter or niece, if they are up for it then they can definitely have your hand me downs and re-tailor it to meet their specifications.


It’s not only a money saving tactic but a pretty sweet gesture.

4.Trash your wedding dress and have a photo shoot with it

If you want to go a crazier route then you can totally trash your wedding dress with paint or whichever other creative idea you may have for it and then have a cool photo shoot with it.

5.Sell it

Why not make some money off your wedding gown and just sell it. You can give the money you get from it to a charity.


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