Expert shares qualities that men find irresistible in women

What makes you irresistible to men?

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No denying that we all love it when a man can’t resist us. Like, this man yearns to spend time with you, call you after work, do silly things with you, and no matter how hard they try, there’s something they cannot resist about you.

Now, if you want to be irresistible to a guy you are seeing or dating, relationship expert Mathew Boggs advises that one should exhibit these important traits:

1. Love yourself

How can you love others if you don’t even love yourself? Despite having our various insecurities, Mathew says that men find women who are on the journey to loving and appreciating themselves more attractive and irresistible. It doesn’t matter what the society perceives you, what matters is that you love and appreciate yourself and your body image even with all your insecurities.

2. Be willing to be vulnerable

Vulnerability requires courage and courage is a quality that men find irresistible in women. It takes courage to open up about your struggles and share difficult moments with your man. Men find this kind of courage very compelling and irresistible.

“When you could share honestly about your growth and your experience, and the way you are becoming better in a vulnerable sense with your man, that will make you absolutely irresistible to him,” says Mathew Boggs.

3. Empower others

It’s not just about empowering yourself but also helping those around you shine bright. A woman whose empowerment empowers other people is attractive and men can’t resist her. So, as you work on improving yourself, make sure you help others improve themselves in the process.

4. Respect yourself

We have all heard that respect is earned and so you got to respect yourself first for others to respect you. According to Boggs, a woman who respects herself and does not accept disrespect from men is an irresistible one.

“In relationships, you teach people how to treat you by the treatment you accept. Never accept treatment that is less than your worth.” Advises Matt.

5. Be positive about your body

How do you feel about yourself about your body image? That is what determines how sexy you seem. Your body size and your skin should not limit you or bring you down. Men find women who appreciate their bodies sexy and attractive.

On to you now, which of these traits do you possess? Or, what do you think makes you irresistible to men?


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