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6 ways to dump a man without hurting him

Dump him nicely

Maybe you have realized that you have feelings for another man or you are not ready to take the relationship to the next level. Instead of hurting him through cheating or ghosting, the best thing to do is break up with him in a nice and respectful manner.

Here is how to do it;

Choose the best time of the day


If he works during the day, do not break up with him in the morning as you will ruin his whole day. Get in touch with him after work and let him know why you want the break up.

Do it in person

Since this is a person you still care about and you do not want to hurt them, meet him and tell him face to face. This is not only mature but also shows that your decision is a serious one. If you have the courage to face him at this time, he will find no reasons to chase you again.

Be honest


Give him the genuine reason as to why you are parting ways with him without exaggerating. The fact that you are parting ways is not an excuse to lay false accusations against him. He will be glad to know that you still value him enough to tell him the truth.

Appreciate him

Even if you encountered some difficult moments in your relationship, be thankful for the good moments you had together. Thank him for being there for you and let him know that he can still count on you as a friend.



No one is perfect and you must have stepped on his toes at one time or another. Make sure you apologize for any action that might have hurt his feelings.

Encourage him

He might not take it lightly that you are breaking up with him. But you still need to remain calm, make him understand why you are doing so and encourage him. In case he gets emotional, don’t make the mistake of being carried away in the moment. Instead, let him see why it cannot work for you two and give him hope of getting a better person than you.


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