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Breaking your p*nis, plus other s3x injuries and how to avoid them

Caution, Please!

Sex injuries (conjurecinema)

Sex is supposed to be all fun. The last thing you’d expect is for an accident to happen during this moment. Wondering what kind of accidents can happen during sex? We have listed some of them below, plus tips on how to avoid injuries during sex.

Check out these five of them:

1. Breaking your bones


Imagine breaking your one of your bones because of pekejeng? Don’t worry, this does not happen always but it does happen. If you are into kinky stuff or are the rough type, you can easily break or twist your limbs.

Taking things a little bit slow can help in preventing these types of accidents. Also, make sure that there are no obstacles that can cause an accident during sex.

2. Penile fractures

Ouch! This must be really painful. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Anyway, penile fractures can occur when the penis accidentally hits the wrong place such as the pubic bone of the lady. If this happens, it should be treated as an emergency.


Some sex positions such as woman on top and rough sex can cause penile fractures. If you are not experienced, just keep it slow to avoid any such injuries. 

3. Vaginal tears

This is when your vagina tears during sex – like the way it would tear during childbirth. Vaginal tears may happen due to insufficient lubrication or when the penis is too big.


To avoid tearing during sex, use lubricant, do enough foreplay and also let your partner know if you are feeling some pain during sex. Sex should be pleasurable, remember?

4. Slipping in the bathroom

However sexy you think sex in the bathroom is, it’s a bad idea. Seriously, with a soapy and slippery floor, you can slip and fall. Really, you don’t want to start running to the hospital due to something you could have avoided.

5. Stuck objects


Sex toys are no doubt a great way to spice up your sex life. But talking of toys, eggplants, zucchinis, carrots, and candles are not sex toys. These things can break in your vagina and get stuck there. They can also rot in your vagina and cause an infection.


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