What you need to know about vaginal farts during s3x

They can be very embarrassing


Let’s talk about queefing, vaginal flatulence or vaginal farts are they are popularly known. What is it and why does it happen?

When the air gets trapped in the vagina and then it’s pushed out, your vagina makes some noises which might not be so pleasing. Since the vagina isn’t a straight canal, the folds inside of it (rugae) can hold air. The noise produced during queefing is similar to that of anal farts but queefs are not smelly like the anal farts.

Queefs are normal

Although women tend to queef more during sex, you can also queef during exercise and it’s completely normal. When the penis or any other sexual object is inserted in the vagina, it displaces the air inside resulting in vaginal flatulence. Exercises such as yoga are more likely to cause vaginal flatulence. It may also occur during a pelvic exam when the doctor inserts the speculum into your lady parts.

Vaginal farts can be embarrassing especially if you are having sex with someone who you are not close to or one who doesn’t know about queefs. Even so, there is nothing to be worried about vaginal farts because they are completely normal and they pose no health risk at all.

Doggy style

You are also more likely to experience vaginal flatulence when using specific sex positions such as doggy style. This is because your partner pushes more air into your vagina at this position.

Vaginal farts are a natural occurrence and there isn’t much you can do to avoid them. Slowing down the speed of sex can reduce the chances, but then, you might not want that.

If they happen when you are having sex, you can explain to your partner if they do not know about them. If they already know, just laugh it off and continue with your business.

After all, queefs are nothing serious. It’s just mere air trying to escape from the vagina.


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