7 bedroom tips to keep in mind this coming Valentine's

Na msipatiane HPV virus

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Ladies and gents, Valentine’s is around the corner. Of course, the main things that characterize the day are gifts and lungula. You might be wondering the purpose of this article, well, it’s just a reminder to not be boring in bed please if you're gonna get lucky and this applies to both men and women. That being said, remember to avoid these bedroom pet peeves.

1. Funny smells.

This applies to general hygiene. Clean your nether regions, observe oral hygiene, trim your finger nails, etc. Lack of hygiene is a major turn off when it comes to sex.

2. Don’t skip foreplay.

Even a machine must be properly oiled before it starts the work. Unlike men, ladies need to be well prepared for the action. Take your time, don’t just rush to the actual sex. Go down on your woman, get her wet and ready and I always say, the more time you spend down there, the less you will take to get her to climax. Ladies, you should also reciprocate.

3. Don’t be lazy.

Men, don’t have sex just to cum and leave your lady hanging. We get lady blue balls too. Ladies, don’t just lay there like a log. Move to his ‘beat’ and match his sexual energy. It’s really boring to be in bed with someone who’s stuck in 7 when the other is all the way in 9. You get the drift? Men like a bit of initiative too. Take charge.

4. Don’t be too loud or too quiet.

Okay there’s a difference between screaming and moaning. No need to alert your neighbors. Keep the moaning at an understandable level. At the same time, being too quiet is downright boring.

5. Avoid unnecessary talks.

Unless you both like dirty talking, you might as well want to skip all the unnecessary talks and get straight to the point okay?

6. Lack of adventure and spontaneity.

One position all night? Come on, switch things up a little bit. Try out different positions, different locations around the house and what not. You could also try out different things to spice thing sup, such as using toys, foods such as a strawberries, massage oil, etc if you’re both up for it.

7. Precum.

Gents, if you have a weak stroke game, you might as well compensate it with a strong tongue game. Surely, you get in and already have precum and before we know it, you’re over and done with no chances of recovery. Whew learn some self-control.

Bottom-line, enjoy, take it easy and use protection lest you end up contracting herpes or HPV.


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