First date mistakes I regret making

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It's rare to hear a lady go on a first date with a guy and come back with positive comments like “I just met the guy that I am going to spend the rest of my life with,” I, being one of them. It’s usually negative and objectionable comments about him, his fashion, his sense of humor, the food he chose or even the location for the date.

On our first date, we usually have a lot to think about and pay attention to. And sometimes we end up making mistakes which might seem small to us, but they usually kill any chance of a second date with the guy you are falling head over heels for. 

By all means, avoid making these annoying mistakes on a first date:

1. Getting late for your first date

I never like to be kept waiting and vice versa. But on the first date, I usually prefer coming in after him but not too late. Approximately 5 minutes after he has settled. But ladies, let’s not get too late in the name of ‘he is the one who liked me first, so he should be patient and wait for me.’ This mentality cost me a guy I liked and I had even envisioned a happy family with him. Ha!

2. Always on your phone

This is a very bad habit and it sucks big time! Actually, it’s rude, annoying, and it makes you seem bored or disinterested. It’s definitely not the impression you want to create on a first date. If you have something that needs you to constantly check your phone, please just let him know in advance. Personally, I always have my phone on silent mode for the few hours. Maybe you can adopt this as well ladies!

3. Not asking him any questions

Darling, if you don’t ask him any questions how will you know about this guy that is almost giving you sleepless nights since the first time you set your eyes on him? Ask him those basic questions that are fit for the first date. If you don’t ask him any questions, he may conclude that you are not interested and this may cost you your second date.  

4. Talking too much about yourself

Ladies, don't dominate the conversations explaining too much about yourself. Give the guy a chance to speak too to avoid seeming selfish. Yes, women generally talk more than men but it’s annoying when one person does all the talking.

5. Getting emotional when discussing certain topics

I have been a victim here, severally especially when we get to interests related to politics and I learned the hard way to never discuss such things on a first date. Religious beliefs, sports and cultural beliefs are things to avoid discussing on a first date especially if your date might have a varied opinion.

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