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It was my first time installing Tinder on my phone and I must confess swiping right and left was fun back then which is not the case anymore.

Then one day, as I was swiping looking for what I would term as ‘potential bae or maybe friend’ I landed on this cute guy’s profile and his bio was quite intriguing as he described himself as ‘adventurous, a photographer, lover of Maldives and dogs’.

He was too cute to resist

So I did swipe right because he was too cute to swipe left and after a day, I got a notification that we matched.

I was scared to start the conversation and so it took me two weeks to say hi and it took him two days to reply and he told me he is hardly on the app and I should give him my number. I was kinda hesitant but oh well I gave him my number anyway.

We started off with the basics like, ‘what do you like? what are you doing on Tinder? Are you dating? What do you do for fun?’ and the likes – you know how it is.

Going out on a date

After weeks of having endless conversations via text, he finally asked me if we could meet and I was cool with it as long as it was in a public place.

When the day came, we went to a certain joint in Westlands. I was donned in a cute black dress and boots and I made sure I was looking my best. You know what they say, ‘You gotta look fine on your first date’.

We agreed that we should meet at 9 pm and for once in my life I kept time, he was 25 minutes late, sadly: (, But oh well, I waited as he assured me he was on his way and in the meantime I should order something which he would pay for once he arrived.

I ordered something that was within my budget, just in case I was being cat-fished.

I fell in love with his looks and voice

Minutes later he called me (for the first time) asking me where I was seated and I must confess his voice is still one of the sweetest voices I’ve heard so far.

A few seconds later, I see this guy walking towards me and I’m like ‘Why does he have to look this good?’ I was so nervous and I kinda wished I was a bit tipsy to boost my confidence.

Anyway, the guy comes says hi and sits and the second word he utters was “ You looking gorgeous” I blushed lol.

We were having a good time until...

Anyway, long story short we ordered food and cocktails and had an almost four hours conversation. I couldn’t believe that such a guy existed. I was even scared that maybe he was trying to marinate me, you know how manipulative people can be sometimes.

We talked and laughed about everything in life, from our crazy childhood stories, to our first love, heartbreak, favourite movies, music, family, our beliefs in life, future plans and so much more.

This night, however, ended with me being disappointed. As much as the guy was black, he was from Norway (which I never knew by the way) and he had been in Kenya for six months and time to leave the country had come.

At first, I thought that I just got played, but he pulled out his passport and ID and deep down I hoped he was lying but sadly he was telling the truth.

He was going back to Norway the next day at 10 pm, showed me his flight ticket too.

Sad goodbyes

A time came when we both had to part ways and it was sad, I must confess. We are still long-distance friends, and we do video call at times

So, do I still use Tinder? Absolutely not! Why? Because I never want to feel that way ever again. Secondly, I’m no longer 21 and with all that’s happening in the country currently, I can never find myself meeting up with a stranger ever again

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