5 signs the man you are seeing wants nothing serious with you

He wants to keep it casual

Couple on date(courtesy)

After meeting a guy, it may not be very clear on what kind of a relationship he wants with you. Of course, if he wants nothing serious with you, he may not even say it. Or rather, he expects you to figure it out on your own.

If he especially feels that you are beginning to fall for him, he may not want to disappoint you by telling you that he wants to keep it casual. All the same, you can watch out for some signs:

1. You don’t hang out in public

Well, maybe he likes you but you are not just his ideal girl and he wouldn’t want to be seen you in public. If you only meet indoors and avoids any instances or meetings in social places, he probably just wants to keep things casual.

2. You don’t know his friends or family

A man who is really into you will show you off at least to his close friends. But if he has never introduced you to any of his friends, he probably wants nothing serious to do with you. So if you like him, consider quitting before you get disappointed.

3. He doesn’t want to define the relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship but you are not quite sure of your position in it? Clearly, you probably have no place at all. If he is serious, you already would know that the two of you are dating and you are his girlfriend.

4. He is still in a relationship

And he might even tell you about his relationship. Of course, this is only to make it clear to you that he has another woman he loves, but doesn’t mind having something extra with you.

5. It’s clear that all he wants is sex

He will not say he likes you or he misses you. And if he does, it’s because he is probably horny. If all he tells you is how good you are in bed and how he misses the moments you have together but never compliments you in other areas, no doubt he wants things casual.


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