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Warning signs that your boyfriend is gaslighting you

You need to leave him ASAP

Gas lighting signs (Shutterstock)

Gas lighting is a form of manipulation where one partner makes the other question reality and even doubt their sanity. Once you get into the situation whereby you are second-guessing yourself, they take the advantage to abuse you in different ways while making it all seem like it’s your fault.

How can you know that someone like your boyfriend is gas lighting you? Below are a few signs that you can watch out for:

1. He denies things he has done


Maybe you saw him kiss someone but when you confront him, he denies it completely. He could even try to convince you that it’s all in your mind and you are just imagining crazy things. No, you are not crazy. Your boyfriend is gas lighting you and using it to his advantage.

2. He lies every time

Even when you know that he is telling a lie, you end up doubting yourself because he has already made you believe that you have a problem.

3. You are not happy but you can’t leave


You know very well that this is not the kind of man you would want to be with but you end up staying anyway. why? Because your boyfriend has made you believe that nobody else can handle you. That you are so lucky to be with him and if you leave, no one will stand you.

4. You apologize every time

Even when you are not wrong, you always find yourself apologizing. Your boyfriend always finds a way to turn things around so that you are always the one on the wrong. He guilt-trips you all the time he is in the wrong and blames you for his mistakes.

5. He confuses you


This is someone who has been playing with your mind until you are not sure of anything anymore. You are not even sure of who they are. One time they will be demeaning you and saying nasty things to you, and next time they are there being so sweet. So you end up staying because you think they are not so bad after all.

6. His explanations never add up

If you call him out on something he did, he makes explanations that do not add up. But since he has made you to always second-guess yourself, you get more confused and you can’t understand what’s happening.

7. Your confidence has taken a plunge


If you used to be a confident woman but that has since changed since you started dating him, it’s because your partner has been gas lighting you and making you think lowly of yourself.

8. He is the only person who makes you question yourself

If you have no problem with other people and they think you are okay, clearly, your boyfriend is the one who has issues. If he says you are crazy, he is either the crazy one or is simply gas lighting you.


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