Signs that a guy is in for a serious relationship

Some guys are there to pass time

Man proposing

Got this guy you started seeing but are not yet quite sure if he is just playing around or wants a serious relationship?

In his recent video shared on YouTube, Matt Boggs shared the signs you are supposed to be looking for in order to know if the guy is ready to be in a serious relationship with you.

Here are some of the signs to watch out for:

1. He accepts the good with the bad

Life is full of good and bad times. As human beings, we are also not perfect and have our good and bad side. You want a guy who understands this well and does not expect you to be perfect. The guy should also be patient and compassionate both in good times and bad times.

2. He knows how to wait

According to Boggs, a mature man and one who is ready for a serious relationship knows that everyone in the relationship has their own needs. He respects your needs and does not make his needs the centre of the universe.

“This often comes early in a relationship around sex. Not all the time but often the man wants to have sex before the woman is ready. The man who is mature is going to wait until you are 100% ready. He wants you to feel comfortable before you guys get intimate with one another. The man who is not ready for a serious relationship is going to pressure you and try to make you feel guilty because you are not giving it up” says Mathew Boggs.

3. He is a good giver and receiver

The man should not only be a giver but also a receiver. When it’s only one party that is over giving in a relationship, the person will eventually get tired of it and develop resentment towards their partner. Also, that guy you are seeing should learn to receive and accept whatever you give kindly. He shouldn’t be the type of guy who always turns down your gifts and offers to help.

4. He knows how to say no

This is a man who knows how to set boundaries not just in your relationship but also in his relationship with other people. You do not want a man who says yes to demands and requests he can’t meet because eventually, that might affect your relationship.

5. He knows and is willing to settle conflicts

No matter how rosy your relationship seems to be, there must come a time when you will not be in agreement with your partner. Conflicts are guaranteed in relationships and how well and willing a man is to resolve a conflict shows if the man is serious or not. If he is not serious, he will avoid it.

“They will pretend like nothing is wrong then when it builds up, it explodes and they become unreasonable. If something bothers one of you, you need to talk about it right when it happens, find a solution, and move on” the relationship coach says.

6. He is willing to say sorry

Boggs also insists that it’s important for the man to learn to apologize whenever he makes mistakes. Saying sorry should not make him feel like he is less of a man.


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