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Signs that you are actually a better mom than you think

Cheers to all moms!

Distrubed mom (Ebony Magazine)

Do you constantly wonder if you are actually a good mom? While our parents really never cared much about such things, moms of this generation are more determined to be the best parents to their children. Self-doubt is therefore very normal among moms.

But don’t worry. You might actually be surprised that you are such an amazing mom. That you are even better than you thought. If you can relate to these signs, then chances are that you are doing a good job:


Even when you are doing fine, you find yourself looking for ways to be a better mom. The fact that you are trying to do better every day shows that you are an amazing mom.

Toddlers love having ‘yes’ as an answer to everything. If you can comfortably say not to your child, not because you are mean but because you mean well for them, congratulations! You are doing a great job.


Are your children free to talk to you about what they are going through or do they share with other people but not you? If you are a good mom, then your children should not be afraid to open up to you. They know you love them and that no matter what, they can always count on you.

Although being a working mom is daunting, a good mom will always make time to be with her kids. Even if it means sacrificing going out on a Friday night just to be with them.


There is no way you are a good mom if your kids love everything you do. Being a good mom means that sometimes you will make your kids eat vegetables even when they don’t want to. Your kids will be mad at you once in a while but that’s just because you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.


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