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Struggles every mother of twins can understand

Hats off to all moms of multiples

Twins struggles

Being a mom is tough but being a mom of multiples is a different story. Double trouble! When you see a mom of twins, for instance, you would imagine how happy or lucky she must be. You even admire her family and wish you could ta her place. But the truth is that behind her smile and that on her twins, there’s so much more.

Mothers of twins go through struggles that not even a mother of singletons can understand:

1. Constantly being asked when you are due


When you are pregnant with twins, everyone thinks you are due in a month’s time when you are only five months pregnant.

2. You develop muscles

Imagine carrying two babies around, with each weighing six kgs. It’s not easy at all yet you can never leave one of them. There are situations where you have nobody else around to help you. So all you have to do is develop tough muscles really fast for the sake of your babies.

3. You can’t remember the last time you slept for 3 straight hours


Getting one newborn to sleep is so much trouble. Now imagine what it’s like for mothers of twins. When you think your twins have fallen asleep and it’s time for you to sleep as well, one of them wakes up. Aargh!

4. Exhaustion


Twins mean you have more duties to do. And, the fact that you hardly sleep enough makes you more exhausted.

5. You buy everything in twos

You don’t want your toddlers to be fighting over one toy. Whatever it is that you buy, you must always buy for both of them.

6. You feel like you are losing your mind


There are times when you have so much to do, you are sleepy, tired and your twins still need attention. They both cry or start making tantrums at the same time and you fear that you might actually lose your mind.

7. You try so hard not to compare them but it’s almost impossible

You know well that you should never compare children. But then these are twins and you want them to achieve certain milestones together. It makes you sad to see one of them crawl or start teething while the other one is yet to reach there.


8. You don’t know who to attend to when they both cry

So you have to try and calm them at ago.

9. Squabbles start way early


Twins are not always best friends as you might imagine. They will be fighting over anything and everything and it can drive you crazy.

10. You are tired of answering questions

“Oh my God are they twins?” “Are they identical?” “Who is Ella and who’s Ellaine?” You wish they knew how draining it is to have to answer the same questions every day.


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