Subtle signs that your mother-in-law doesn’t like you

How's your relationship with your mother-in-law?

Signs your mother-in-law doesn't like you(Forward Together)

We have heard people say that their relationship with the in-laws doesn’t matter as long as you and your partner are in good terms. But the truth is that you will always feel disturbed when your mother-in-law doesn’t treat you right. Because in as much as you have accepted that they cannot love you the same way they love their own children, we all want to be respected.

While we also fathers-in-law who can be really difficult to deal with, mothers are known to cause more trouble. If you have ever found yourself wondering or doubting how your mother-in-law feels towards you, stay with us as we highlight some of the signs to know that your mother-in-law doesn’t like you:

1. She doesn’t care about your career and personal life

The last time you talked to your mother-in-law, did she care to ask how your job or business is doing? If your mother-in-law knows that you have been unwell and never cared to even call or visit to check on you, she doesn’t like you.

2. She looks for a chance to humiliate you

She is actually happier to do it in public. It could be your dress, your makeup or the food you made. She is always looking for something to try and bring you down.

3. Praises your partner’s ex

Whether she does this in your presence or behind your back, it’s clear that she prefers your partner’s ex because she doesn’t like you. She might even suggest that your partner could be better off with their ex.

4. She never listens to you

She will literally ignore you whenever you try to talk to her. Even when you have problems with your partner and you go seeking her help, she won’t listen. And if she does, she won’t take your word.

5. She criticizes everything you do

Does she always complain about how you do things? Your dressing, how you treat your partner or even how you raise your children? Then it’s clear that she doesn’t like you at all.


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