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7 ways to help your wife after giving birth

New moms need support

How to help your partner after giving birth (Today's Parent)

After a woman gives birth, so many things change. Especially if she is a first-time mom, she might find it difficult adjusting to all the changes and the activities that come with having a newborn. At this time, the new mom needs a strong support system. And you, being the husband or the partner should be first in line when it comes to giving support.

Some men have no idea what they are supposed to do or what role they should play after the woman gives birth. This results in conflicts and the woman might also feel neglected. So guys, if you want to be helpful to your partner after giving birth, try doing these things:

1. Listen to her


There are times she will be very excited and there are also times that she might feel sad and confused. She may even feel like she is not being a good mom enough. Whenever she has something to say, when she expresses her worries, give her your ears. This is an assurance that someone cares.

2. Reassure her about her body image

After childbirth, she might be left with stretchmarks, the hair might shed and the baby fat might also affect her self-esteem. Remind her that she still looks good and that she should be confident. When she starts working out to shed the fat, be supportive and help her achieve her body goals. Don’t say mean things about her body changes.

3. Give a helping hand


Now, this is very important. You don’t expect a woman who has just given birth to be all over cooking for you, doing the dishes, the laundry and all that. Even if you don’t like going to the kitchen, at least make an effort of helping her. Dealing with a newborn is enough struggle already and it drains the mom not only physically but also emotionally.

4. Be there

This is no time to be going out drinking with your buddies for the whole weekend while your wife is all alone. Be there to show your support and at least help with the baby.

5. Treat her well


Before going to work, make her breakfast. When you can, make her favourite meal for dinner or give her a massage. Let her know that she is still special despite the new changes through your actions.

6. Don’t pressure her to have sex

Her body image, hormonal changes and the new challenge of having a baby may disturb her mentally and affect her sex drive. When she is tired and stressed, sex is probably the last thing she will want. Give her time and before you know it, the intimacy will be back.


7. Commend her for a good job

Whenever she does something good, commend her for it. If you think she is really doing a great job with the baby, point it out and appreciate her.


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