6 clear signs you are addicted to your partner

Could you be addicted to your partner?

Signs you are addicted to your lover(Elite Daily)

It’s one thing to love your partner and it’s another to be addicted to them. And while it’s okay to love them, addiction can be quite problematic. Every relationship should have boundaries and you should not be fully dependent on your partner.

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Here are clear signs that you are addicted to your partner:

1. You have sex at inappropriate time

While it’s quite normal to have spontaneous sex at some strange places, it becomes addiction if you keep disrupting your schedule just to have sex. Sex can always wait for the right time and place but if that’s never the case for you, you no doubt need help.

2. You drag your partner

You know so well that it’s supposed to be a girls’ night but you still bring your boyfriend with you. You know it will piss your friends but you still can’t help to be without them.

3. You make rules and break them

You for instance may decide that you will only meet on weekends or no sex during weekdays. But if you have to break these rules every now and then, it’s a sign of addiction.

4. You are unhappy without them

Do you feel sad and empty when your partner is not around? In a healthy relationship, both of you should be in a position to be happy on their own. You can miss your partner when they are away, but that is no excuse to sulk all day long. You must at least have a fun life of your own.

5. You seek approval from them

If your partner always have the final say, then you have a problem. It’s good to seek their opinion but you should also learn to make your own solid decisions without depending on your partner.

6. You neglect other aspects of your life

Relationships are about sacrifice but if you have to sacrifice precious things like going to work, studies or being with your family from time to time just to be with your partner, something isn’t right.


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