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Signs you are officially in the friend-zone

Have you ever been friend-zoned by someone you love?

Signs you are in the friend zone(bloghiltongrandvacations)

What are you to the person you love? Sorry to disappoint you but it’s possible that you are in their friend zone while you are busy thinking they are more than a friend.

But don’t worry, it’s never too late to leave and start afresh with someone who will love you truly. If you are not sure where you fall in someone’s heart, watch out for these obvious signs that you are officially on their friend-zone:

1. They are too comfortable around you


If you’ve watched ‘Just Friends’, then you can relate to how bad it can get. If a person you are interested seems so free and can say anything when they are around you, don’t even bother to cross the line. It’s clear that you are in the friend-zone. A person who has feelings for you will be more careful with their actions and words when you are together.

2. They tell you about people they are seeing/dating

This is so obvious. If the person tells you about their newly found love or their crush, asking to be more than friends is just a waste of time.

3. You have pet names


A person who loves you will not call you names like; BFF, bestie, monkey or funny nicknames from movies. Don’t even think that this can change to a romantic relationship.

4. They come with another friend when you invite them over

This a big red flag. If you, for instance, ask a girl out and she comes with her friend, then you are just a friend. If someone likes you more than a friend, they will want to spend some time with you alone.

5. You are always their shoulder to lean on


Maybe they have just broken up with someone and you are the first person they tell. They do not see in you a potential partner but just a caring friend to lean on.

6. They flirt with other people in your presence

It hurts to see someone you love flit in your presence. But what’s there to do when they’ve clearly placed you in their friend zone? Accept and move on.

7. You have shared a bed severally and nothing happened


Your friend sees you as a friend to be trusted and it’s why they were so comfortable sharing a bed with you. If you even dare to make a move, you will spoil what you already have because it’s clear that they just want to be friends.


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