Signs you are not yet ready to have a child

Take your time

Happy family(Reproductive Science Center)

So you are certain that you want to have kids but do not know if you are ready yet? Usually, we don’t take tests to know if we are ready to be parents. All the same, there are signs that can help you know if you are ready or you should take some time.

Kids are expensive and their demands are another story. If you are not ready, it’s only best to take your time than bring a life into the world while you have no idea how to take care of it.

Still not sure if it’s time to have kids? Well, if you can relate to these signs, take your time because it’s clear that you are not ready to be a parent:

1. You are under pressure to get a baby

First of all, why are you getting this child? Is it because you are ready and want to or because you are under pressure to become a parent? If it’s due to pressure, then you need to reconsider the decision to become a parent. That baby will be your sole responsibility and those pressuring you will just be watching from a distance.

2. You have issues with your partner

There are always issues in relationships. However, if you have a major issue that might be a threat to your relationship in the future, make sure you handle it before getting the baby. You don’t want to raise a baby in a shaky and unstable environment.

3. Your partner is not ready

If you are ready but your partner still feels like they need more time, you should wait until you are on the same page. Otherwise, you will be causing unnecessary complications by bringing a baby into the equation.

4. Your finances are not in order

This goes without saying. If you have serious financial problems such as debts or are struggling to put bread on the table, it will be harder once you get a child. Think about it.

5. You find other people’s kids annoying

How well do you relate to your friends’ kids? Do you always get irritated by their endless questions and playful nature? That could mean that you will not be able to handle your own and you should, therefore, take some time.


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