Amazing gift ideas for that friend who just became a mom

Maneno ya pampers kila saa tuache!

Amazing gift ideas for new moms (sciencenews)

So your best friend became a mom and you are now planning to go see her? Good, that’s what friends are for. But what are you planning to get her for a gift? Of course, she will appreciate pampers but then, that’s what everyone else is getting her. How about something more unique for this new mom in town? Yes?

And no, don’t overthink it. We have got some amazing ideas and yours is to simply pick what you think is best for this amazing woman.

Here we go:

1. Nursing tops

She will definitely appreciate nursing tops that make it easy for her to breastfeed her newborn. Get the stylish ones that she can always wear even after the baby is all grown.

2. Encouragement note

Maybe you do not have the time to go see her in person. Instead of just sending her a message or making a call, why not go the extra mile and send her a sweet encouragement note. People send cards or birthdays and Christmas but few remember to do so to show support to a new mom.

3. Professional photo shoot

This is something she will always treasure. When the baby is still small, sponsor your new mom friend for a professional photo shoot. She will love it.

4. A ‘Mom mug’

Most newborns hardly sleep at night which leaves the mom tired and sleepy. She will appreciate a customized mug that she can use for coffee during those long nights when the baby can’t sleep.

5. Stroller

For that mom who’s always on the move, a stroller is a perfect gift. Whether it’s visiting the grocery or just taking a walk with the baby, this is a great idea.

6. A camera

She is no doubt excited to be a mom and will want to capture almost every moment. To help her capture those amazing baby moments, get her a nice professional camera.

7. A customized T-shirt

This is just a small gift but it will lift her soul to see that there are people who care about her. The T-shirt can have a sweet message such that whenever she wears it, she smiles.


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