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8 things a man will do during s3x if he loves you

Utajuaje anakupenda mkimake love?

Intimate couple(Video Blocks)

Sex can be sloppy, good or amazing depending on your skills and who you are doing it with. If you are both amateurs, it can get really sloppy. If all you are having is sex and nothing more, it’s possible to have good sex if you both know what you are doing. But when you are making love to someone you love deeply, it’s something else. Something even words can’t describe.

When you are having sex with a man, you can always tell if he really loves you or he is there for fun. And it doesn’t require black magic to figure it out. Next time you are making love, observe his behavior keenly.

If he does these things during sex, then he loves you:


1. Looks you directly in the eye

There is something about eye contact. Something very intimate. A man who is only there for sex will not even have the courage to look you directly in the eye during love making. But for a man who loves you, you can read love when he looks at you without winking.

2. He doesn’t complain about your imperfections

When a man truly loves you, he accepts you just as you are and he understands that we are all imperfect. He will not try to body shame you or try to something nasty about you at such moments. He knows that that particular moment is a very special one and he can’t afford to ruin it.


3. He gets emotional

He could hug you tightly, kiss you passionately or even shed tears during love making. This is crystal clear that the man is so into you and he can’t help himself.

4. He will make an effort to please you in bed


Men enjoy receiving oral sex but some of them don’t care to return the favor. A man who loves you, however, will do all he can to ensure that you enjoy the moment as much as he enjoys it.

5. He will not make excuses

When a man is not in the mood of making love, he might start complaining of how stressed he is or say he has some work to do to put you off. But a man who loves you will make no excuses because he genuinely cares about your sexual needs.

6. He respects the moment

Any messages and phone calls can wait until you are both satisfied. Even the knock at the door can wait.


7. He will kiss you all over

And passionately for that matter.

8. He will communicate

He will ask what feels good, if you want it slow or rough just to make sure you get the best. He will also tell you what he loves best so that you both enjoy the moment.



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