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Signs you could be having anger issues

Hasira hasara

Anger issues(JOE)

What makes one person angry may not necessarily anger another. All the same, we all get angry at some point and how much angry we get depends on the situation at hand.

When angry, people react differently. There are those who will just walk away while others will start throwing tantrums. All this is normal. But if you can’t manage your anger, it becomes a problem. For you to learn how to manage your anger, you have to first admit that you indeed have anger management issues.

Already wondering if you have anger issues, check out these telltale signs:

1. People tell you so


First and foremost, if people around you think and go ahead to tell you that you have anger issues, they could be right. And instead of getting angrier because they say so, you should give it a thought. They just won’t say it without reason and you should appreciate that they are honest with you.

2. You have to win an argument

If you always believe that you must always win an argument, you have a problem. With such people, the topic does not really matter as long as they have the final word in it.

3. You hold grudges


Do you hold your anger towards someone long after you’ve talked over the issues? No doubt you have anger issues. If you didn’t, you should know better to get over things and focus not on the same things for months.

4. You can’t take criticism

We all know such a person. You try to correct them out of concern but they take it personally. If you are such a person who will never take criticism to improve yourself, you need to work on your anger management.

5. You are easily angered


Do small things raise your temper yet the rest seem okay? You should ask yourself why you get irritated than the rest.

6. Your temper leaves people trembling

If people are always afraid of what you will do next when you are angry, it’s clear that you have temper issues. If you are the kind of person who will start calling people names or breaking things when you are angry, you must learn how to manage your anger.


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