5 signs your relationship is not worth saving

Don't bother

Signs your relationship is not worth saving(Ebony Magazine)

No one said relationships are easy. They have never been, and never will. If you usually have differences with your siblings whom you’ve grown up together with, how about someone you have only known for some years?

Bumps will be there, times will be hard and doubts may also be there. All these, you can overcome and march forward like nothing ever happened. Even so, a time comes when you have tried everything but nothing seems to be changing. A time that you feel that you have done your best but it’s time to cut ties.

If you have are not sure of whether you should still give your relationship a chance, check out these signs. They are a clear indication that your relationship is not worth saving:

1. You are the only one fighting for it

It’s clear that you are the only person interested in the relationship. If your partner is not trying to make it work, they probably gave up a long time ago or they want out.

2. Your relationship is affecting the progress of your life

When a relationship affects your goals such as education and career, there is definitely a problem. A partner who stresses you up until it affects your productivity at work does not wish you well. You are better off without them and they are not worth fighting for.

3. They are abusive

This is not negotiable. Whether it’s physical or emotional abuse, it’s not worth saving unless your partner is ready to change.

4. Your partner refuses to seek help

If you two cannot solve your issues, seeking help from an expert is the next best thing. But if your partner has objected this, it’s clear that they don’t want it to work.

5. You both feel it’s not worth saving

If you all feel that you have tried and are in agreement that you are better off without each other, don’t bother to save it again.


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