Simple bedroom habits that will save your marriage

Don't let your marriage sink

Happy couple in bed(courtesy)

We have seen beautiful marriages that we admire, and we have also seen those that seem like a fatal accident.

But if you were to ask couples who have been in a marriage for many years, they will tell you that it hasn’t been easy. They will also tell you that both parties played their part for it to work. And making it work is not about gifting each other with expensive gifts. It’s about doing the very small things that keep a marriage strong and lively.

For instance, if you decide to be serious and start making use of these simple bedroom habits, your marriage will be on another level:

1. Sleeping at the same time

What does this have to do with saving your marriage? You are asking. You notice that thee are couples who avoid sleeping at the same time because what they are avoiding is intimacy. Yet intimacy has a magical way of bringing couples closer. Even after fighting, the moment you get intimate with your partner, all the tension disappears and the love is rekindled. Unless your schedules are very different, try as much as possible to go to bed at the same time as your partner.

2. No phones

Seriously speaking, you had the whole day to check what’s trending on Instagram. Why do you need a phone in the bedroom? Let your bedroom be a special place for the two of you to relax and rest. Not a cybercafé.

3. Kiss your partner goodnight

Of course, not every day you will be in the mood of lovemaking. But no matter how tired you are, at least kiss your partner goodnight before you drift to the other world.

4. Bedtime routine

Have a favorite routine that you will always do together before bed. It could be watching a program, reading one chapter together or soaking in the tub before bed. Whatever you choose, do it together and consistently.

5. Say ‘I love you’

It’s a simple act yet a very powerful one that can transform your marriage. It reminds your partner that you are not with them because of circumstances but because it’s love that put you together.


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