7 signs you're the kind of girl he would take to meet his parents

Are you really wifey material?

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Meeting the parents is a very big step in the relationship. It means he’s actually serious about you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t really introduce you to his folks, right? Then again, not just any kind of girl is taken home to meet the parents. Obviously, the guy wants his parents to approve. That being said, are you the kind of girl that would be taken to meet the folks? Here are signs you are:

1. You’re respectful.

A man wants to take home a girl who will be respectful towards his parents. Use good language, show respect in all aspects from how you dress to meet the parents to how you address them and behave around them.

2. You’re intelligent.

Can you chip in in intellectual topics or all you know about is pop culture and makeup? You can be beautiful, but a man will not take home a bimbo. Have something in your brain. You don’t have to have three degrees and a PHD but at least, have an interest in what’s going on around the world. Educate yourself a little bit.

3. You’re friendly and sweet.

If you have a nasty attitude, might be hard for the guy to want to take you to meet the folks. Most guys want to be around someone with positive energy. A bubbly, fun and sweet girl. Not someone who will suddenly get angry and stop talking simply because she didn’t get chicken wings for lunch. Are we together?

4. You’re independent.

Not just financially, but also in the sense, you don’t always have to be around your man. You have your own life. A man wants to know that he can leave the house and go for a drive or run some errands and leave you with his parents knowing that you will be totally fine.

5. You have manners.

You don’t talk with food in your mouth, you sit like a lady, act like a lady and you have taste too. You also wouldn’t take home a man that spits chunks of food from his mouth when chewing right?

6. You are hardworking.

No lazy bones zone. Do you help around with house chores and such? Then you have the traits of a home-maker. Obviously, we are not saying that you should be his maid, but it’s important to be able to maintain cleanliness and manage a home after all, when you’re both married, you will be tasked with the duty of ensuring that things around the house are working smoothly. So when he takes you to his parents, he wouldn’t want you sleeping all day but instead, helping around where necessary or at least offering to help around.

7. You’re mature.

Maturity is really underrated. A mature woman is one who is understanding and is not stubborn just because things don’t go her way. Basically, you’re not the kind that will be taken to his parents only to cause unnecessary drama and make a total fool of yourself. 


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