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Wasafi presenters identify major obstacle to Wema Sepetu & Whozu's marriage

Singer Whozu and Wema Sepetu have dated since mid-2022

Whozu and Wema Sepetu in a photo posted on June 28, 2023.

During her 'Lavi Davi' show, Diva the Boss from Wasafi discussed with Sheikh Sharif the next steps Whozu could take in order to marry Wema Sepetu.

Diva was curious about the status of Whozu and Wema's relationship, considering their different religious backgrounds.

Sheikh Sharif expressed that their situation was not ideal according to religious teachings.

Sheikh Sharif further explained that for their relationship to align with religious guidelines, they would need to follow the principles outlined by their respective religions regarding marriages and relationships.


Since Whozu is not a Muslim, Sheikh suggested that it would be better if he converted to Islam before marrying Wema.

By embracing the Muslim faith, Whozu would be able to proceed with marrying Wema.

He further expressed his readiness to assist Whozu in his Islamic journey if Whozu was willing to accept his help.


Sheikh further clarified that there is no specific waiting period after converting to Islam, and he mentioned that Whozu could even marry Wema immediately after his conversion.

In 2022, Wema Sepetu openly expressed her love for Whozu in response to critics who were speaking negatively about their relationship.

She stated that love is a beautiful thing and acknowledged that the haters would continue to say whatever they wanted because they lacked an understanding of what true love really meant.


"All that matters is my happiness. My happiness comes first and the rest follows," Wema said.

In March, Wema expressed her tendency to openly express her feelings when she is in love, and she went on to say that she would be devastated if Whozu were to end their relationship, even going as far as stating that she would contemplate suicide.

During that time, Wema also confirmed that she had already visited Whozu's parents for an introduction, indicating that their relationship was progressing well.


The couple began dating in mid-2022 and have shared several couple photoshoots on their respective social media platforms.


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