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Telltale signs you are raising a spoiled child unknowingly

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Spoiled kid signs

Sometimes we make mistakes without even knowing it. After all, we are humans bound to make mistakes from time to time. The bad thing is that your mistakes as a parent will always have an impact on your child. While it’s okay to make mistakes as a parent because there’s nothing as a perfect mom or dad, you should watch out so that your mistakes and behaviours don’t end up ruining your child’s life.

Some parents, for instance, spoil their kids by overpampering them. But if you asked them, all they know is that theirs is a gesture of love towards their child. Already wondering if you are spoiling your child? If these signs sound familiar, maybe it’s time to change:

1. They have no gratitude


Children should be taught how to be grateful from a tender age. Kids who take everything for granted and never say a simple ‘thank you’ when their demands are met are spoiled.

2. They are entitled

An entitled kid will demand something without caring if it’s available or not or whether there is money or not. They never take ‘no’ as an answer. If your kid has that behaviour, it’s not their fault but you are the one responsible for raising a spoiled child.

3. You apologize for punishing your child


So a child does something wrong, you punish them and then apologize? You are simply spoiling that child and they will never know right from wrong if you keep on apologizing after punishing them.

4. They want things done ASAP for them

Spoiled kids want things done immediately. When they ask for something, they want it one immediately. You can’t convince them to wait because patience is not one of their traits.

5. Frequent tantrums


All kids or at least most will throw tantrums from time to time when denied something. But a spoiled kid throws tantrums even when it’s unnecessary.

6. They talk to adults like to their peers

We have all come across such kids. They do not understand authority and do not respect adults. They will be rude to an adult and speak to them like they are just speaking with their peers.

7. Your kids are never contented


If your kid always wants more toys even when they have a carton full of them, that could be a sign that you are raising a spoiled kid. They never have enough. Even when you go shopping with them, they will want to pick everything and if you say ‘no’, they will throw tantrums.


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