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Warning signs you are not spending enough time with your kids

You can do better

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Are you really spending enough time with your kids? You would be surprised that you are not even though you might not have noticed it. While you might never hear your kids complain about your absence, your conscience will never lie to you. In fact, you might already be feeling guilty about it. But apart from that, there are other signs that hint to you that you need to start spending more time with your kids.

1. They are closer to the nanny than they are to you

If your kids seem more comfortable around their nanny but behave differently when around you, there’s a problem. It means that they have gotten too used to the nanny that they hardly see you as part of their lives because you are absent most of the time.


2. You only see them when they are asleep

We get it that you are busy trying to make ends meet. But don’t you think you should create some time for your kids as well? You can try to leave work earlier so that you at least spend an hour or two with them before they doze off.

3. You don’t know their favourites


What’s your child’s favourite game, cartoon, or even food? If you don’t have the answer, it’s time you restructure calendar.

4. You don’t know your kid’s teacher and friends

Do you find yourself asking your kid who so and so is each time they are narrating something to you? Not a good sign. You may not know all the kids in their life but you should at least know their teacher’s name and their best friend’s name.

5. Other people know your kids better than you do


Whether it’s their nanny, teacher, or grandparents, no one should know your kids better than you do. When you are told about your child’s behaviour, it shouldn’t surprise you because it should be something that you already know.

6. You don’t remember the last time you had some family fun

No, we are not talking about watching the telly while having dinner. When did you last go out with your kids, took a walk with them, or played soccer just for fun? You surely don’t want your kids to only have the memories of a busy parent when they grow up. Money is important but you need to make time and make worthwhile memories with your little ones.


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