Hello guys, so your friend, a colleague or family member has invited you to their wedding. Good for you. While showing up for the wedding is really important, what you wear on the very day is equally important. We all know how much effort girls put in finding the perfect outfit for the wedding. Sadly, we do not see the same effort in guys.

That aside, the next time you are invited for a wedding, put on some more effort while selecting your outfit and also make sure you avoid wearing these things to the wedding:

1. Hoodies

Nah gif (Anna's GIF)
Nah gif (Anna's GIF)

This is a big NO guys! I know it’s very easy to pick your khaki pants or denim and pair it up with your hoodie. But for a wedding? It’s a bad idea and too casual for a wedding.

2. T-shirt and jeans

Weekends are for jeans and tees, right? Well, not for when you are attending a wedding. You can wear them while going out for drinks with your boys or taking your mama out for shopping. For weddings, however, you will want something more presentable and respectable.

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3. Shorts

No gif (Giphy)
No gif (Giphy)

Honestly, this is utter disrespect for the couple wedding. It also shows how unserious you are. Spare your shorts for another day like when on vacation maybe.

4. Athletic shoes

Your rubbers and gym shoes should never ever be worn to a wedding. However comfortable they might be, they are not just fit for the occasion. Even your cute, expensive sneakers should enjoy a break on this day.

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5. Sandals

Never gif(Giphy)
Never gif(Giphy)

Now, now, guys, who even wears sandals to a wedding ceremony? They are simply out of place.

6. Sweatpants

No brainer, right? But just in case you get tempted to, remember that the dress code for the wedding was put in place with a purpose. Just stick to it like everyone else.