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Is he worth your time? Things to look out for on a first date

Is he a keeper?

Lilian Esoro from a scene in the movie, 'Alter Date' [YouTube/Yemisi Banjoko]

When going on dates, while the purpose is to get to know your date and see if something more could sprout from that date, it’s also important not to have so many expectations.

A date is just that, a date and it could either go well or not. But it’s up to both of you to make an effort if you really are trying to get to know each other. But how can you tell if the guy is a keeper just a few minutes into the date? Here’s how:

1. He makes an effort in planning the date.

It’s important for him that you’re comfortable in the sense, the location is okay for you and also convenient. The place a man suggests to take you on a first date says a lot about him. If a guy for instance suggests to meet at a nightclub, I’m not sure that’s someone you should take seriously. A first date should be somewhere where you can get to talk properly, listen to each other and get to know each other better. And still on trying, he will try to look good to leave an impression.


2. He listens.

Be very weary about men who only talk about themselves. That’s a narcissistic trait right there. A person who genuinely wants to know you better will talk about himself while giving you room to talk and he will listen and shoot back questions.

3. He will want to know important things about you.

He will ask you questions about your passions, career, goals, family, aspirations, travel plans, and what not. Pretty much things that make you whole. He will want to know all those little details maybe not all of them at once but at least it’s a good step and a good sign.


4. He will be kind to the waiters.

This is no brainer. If someone is kind to you but not kind to the waiters, that just shows that he’s an asshole, pretending to be a good person. Sure, sometimes, waiters can get on your last nerve but that’s no excuse to treat someone like garbage. There’s a mature way to go about it.

5. He will be a gentleman.

If you’re cold, he will offer you his coat or even suggest to move inside if you were seated outside for example. He will ensure that you get what you want to eat, keep asking if you’re okay and will ensure that you get home safe and in one piece.


6. He will pay the bill.

It’s a first date for crying out loud. If a man makes you go Dutch on the first date, don’t even bother going on a second date with him, that’s not a keeper.


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